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We take pride in providing our customers with the goodness of distinctive, tasting quality dishes served fresh through our quality manufacturing and packaging technology that we continue to develop and improve.

We partner with customers toward a healthier lifestyle and lead the food industry in a more beneficial meal alternative that also supports the livelihood of local farmers. We at Antonio’s Pizzeria New York give our special attention in your healthy satisfaction.

Antonio’s Pizzeria is committed to providing pure, delicious, authentic, uncomplicated authentic Italian Dishes to our customers. With every roll of dough, stir of our fillings, we think of the products we are putting out as extensions of our personalities.

How We Got Started

Born and raised in Great Britain , to two great Italian parents, we learned from a very early age that food was and Is a large part of our lives. Taking this a little further started a catering business, and worked in a professional food environment for 15 years. Landed in New York in February 2017 and would love to bring some English and Old School Italian  foods to market.


We have worked to package our meals in a way that lets you bring the quality of our meals into your home. We always love to see you in person, but even when we can’t we ensure that your dining experience is top notch!


We refuse to compromise on quality in our restaurant. That’s why we source our fresh ingredients from local farmers’ markets. No matter what time of year, you can be sure you’re eating the best of the season.